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Complete Windows Operating System Installation Services

If you're like me your computer is pretty much always on and in use morning, noon, and night. To keep a computer that isn't regularly maintained and has had many different programs installed/uninstalled running at peak performance, a 'clean' (formatting the hard drive before installation) operating system re-install should be performed every few years.

Computer registries accumulate many entries that can become unnecessary over time. A computer's processor has to continuously scan through this information clutter which results in overall slower computer operation. This can be one cause for a mouse pointer to 'blue circle' while the user waits and waits to get to where they want to go. A clean operating system re-install restores the registry to its original minimal configuration which allows the processor to scan only what's needed, resulting in a much faster computer. And it's guaranteed to be virus-free!

We can perform clean operating system re-installs that include all up-to-date Internet-essential programs and plugins.

You'll swear your computer is brand new again!

We here at Upper Cape Cod PC Services want your current computer to run as smoothly and efficiently as it was meant to.