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On-Site and Off-Site

Pickup & Drop Off Service


We here at Upper Cape Cod PC Services know that you have busy lives and may not have the time nor the inclination to bring your desktop, laptop, or tablet into 'the shop'. So for your convenience, we can come to you to diagnose and resolve your problems, day or night. Even weekends!


We also offer a pick-up and drop-off service. We can come to your location, pick up your PC, and then return it to you when the work is done.


We rely on happy and satisfied customers so we are here to help you in any way we can...

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 Remote Technical Support from Upper Cape Cod PC Services can quickly help you get

back to the important things in life. 

For Remote Technical Support


Just pick up the phone and give us a call or text, send us an email, or use the form provided on our Contact page and let us know the issue(s) you are experiencing with your desktop, laptop, or a tablet. This way, we will immediately have an idea of what the potential problems are and what the remedies may be.


After that, we schedule a session of remote technical support. This session can only take place with your permission (and ONLY with your permission). We can solve any and all software issues, perform PC Performance Improvement Cleanups, deal with email issues. Pretty much any type of problem(s) you may be experiencing.

100% Security Guaranteed

We use a licensed version of AeroAdmin for our remote access IT service. It is what's called a 'portable' or 'standalone' application, which means it doesn't actually need to be installed in the system's Program Files folder of your computer to do its magic. That means that there is absolutely no modification to your existing system and its configuration. All its files are contained in one executable file for easy use and portability (hence the name!). And yes, AeroAdmin is safe and secure. It requires your permission to open every single remote session. This built-in function is to prevent any unauthorized access under any and all circumstances.

Thank you for choosing Upper Cape Cod PC Services for your computer needs!