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Memory & Drive Upgrades for your PC: Make Your Devices Fast Again!


Memory and solid state drive upgrades for PCs are lifesavers in our fast-developing online environment. Today's more sophisticated and powerful software programs and Internet websites use more and more of your system's Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). As a result, a computer that was sufficiently fast just a few years ago may have become significantly slower today.


Solid state drives (SSDs) are much faster than mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs) because they contain no moving parts. All data flow is done through microchips. Data flow rates can be up to x5 times faster with an SSD. They also use far less power than original HDDs, so having one installed in your laptop could seriously extend your battery life.


Now, what exactly is DRAM and why is it important for my computer? Why, I'm glad you asked.


In a nutshell, every time a PC loads or opens a program, a file, a video, a picture, etc., the central processing unit sends this information into the computer's DRAM. The more DRAM a computer has installed, the faster that information can be processed.


Pretty much all PC in today's market utilize what's called 64-bit architecture and come with between 8GB - 12GB of DRAM, but their motherboards can actually utilize up to 16GB - 32GB. So as you can see, you're already at a serious disadvantage right out of the gate! Adding more to a PC will produce much faster responses, thus save you time and aggravation (and maybe some money?), and it simply makes sense. Does it not?


High-capacity data applications along with more powerful and sophisticated software programs and websites not only influence the speed of your PC, but they can also lead to lockups (freezing) and the constant need to reboot. To tackle these issues, Upper Cape Cod PC Services can help you decide how much more DRAM your PC would require to bring it up to its peak performance.

Increase the Amount of Memory in Your PC Right Now!

It might be just what you need to get back into the game.

It's Time for a Memory Upgrade for your PC When:

  • Your device does not respond as quickly as it once did.
  • You use powerful high-capacity data applications on a regular basis.
  • You multi-task with many application windows open at once.
  • You are about to start a big project that may cause stress for your PC.
  • Actually, you'll really know when...

PC DRAM Upgrades

How PC Memory Upgrades Work

It's not difficult to upgrade the memory on your PC if you choose Upper Cape Cod PC Services. Contact us for a consultation on how your computer's behavior right now so we can determine if more memory would be required to get you to where you want to be.

After that, our team will need to get access to your desktop or laptop. We can work on memory upgrades for your desktop or laptop PCs either at your location or at our center. Remember, our computer specialists are up to picking up your devices and dropping them back off once the work has been completed!