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Complete PC Performance Improvement Cleanups


Our PCs have become an integral part of out daily lives. When they're working at peak performance, they can be our best friend. But when troubles arise, it can feel as though they are our worst enemy. Below is a partial list of issues that we can resolve for you.

Has your once-fast PC's performance become slower and slower over time?


When you click on system buttons, icons, and links does the blue circle just keep circling and circling and take you nowhere fast?


Just like a car, a PC needs periodic maintenance to keep it working at peak performance. Fragmented hard drives, excessive file build-up, bloated dead-end Registry entries/keys, unnecessary startup programs, and a whole plethora of other issues can bring your system to a slow crawl or even completely stop it altogether.

Our PC Performance Improvement Cleanups include the following services...


  • Remove Viruses, Malware, Spyware, & Rootkit Infections 
  • Run Hardware Diagnostics 
  • Check all Component Drivers 
  • Remove Unnecessary Startup Programs 
  • Remove Unnecessary Registry Entry Keys 


  • Uninstall Unused Programs & Toolbars 
  • Delete System File Buildup 
  • Remove Unnecessary Network Settings 
  • Defragment Hard Disk Drive 
  • Optimize System, Browser, & Security Settings 

Once completed, we just know you will be pleased. There will be a noticeable improvement in the speed and performance of your PC and you'll be very glad you had it done!