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PC Hardware Repair Center You Can Rely On

Sometimes the internal components of a PC require attention to continue functioning properly.  The issue can be as simple as re-installing a component driver (software that allows your computer to communicate with hardware or devices) or they may need a firmware update. But computer components can simply wear out after long periods of heavy usage.


Hard disk drives are constantly spinning while a computer is running so read/write errors can occur; RAM memory module pins can become damaged; internal cooling fans can fail; laptop DC input jacks can break.

Below is a partial list of hardware components that Upper Cape Cod PC Services can help you with...

  • Hard Disk/Solid State Drives
  • DRAM Memory Modules
  • Video Graphics Cards
  • CD-ROM/DVD Drives
  • Power Supply Failures
  • Internal Heatsinks & Cooling Fans
  • Laptop Keyboards
  • Laptop DC Input Jacks
  • Laptop & Tablet Screens 
  • CMOS Battery Failures

So if your PC is acting up, make sure to give us a call. You'll be glad you did!