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System Diagnostics & Repair on Cape Cod

Our PCs have become an integral part of out daily lives. When they're working at peak performance, they can be our best friend. But when troubles arise, it can feel as though they are our worst enemy. Below is a partial list of issues that we can resolve for you.


  • Windows STOP Errors - (aka 'Blue Screen of Death')
  • Read/Write Errors
  • Black Screen upon Startup
  • Operating System Missing or Not Found



  • DLL Missing or Not Found
  • Scripting Errors
  • Runtime Errors
  • Memory Errors
  • 'Blue Circling'


  • System Lockups (Freezing)
  • Slow System Performance
  • Startup (Boot) Failures
  • Hard Disk Drive Failures
  • Unexpected Shutdowns


So if your PC is bringing you grief and causing you headaches, make sure to give Upper Cape Cod PC Services a shout!


We are here for you!